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Caesars goals regarding Responsible Gaming (RG) are simple and unequivocal: Caesars wants everyone who gambles at its gaming facilities and online gambling products to do so for the right reason – to simply have fun. Caesars does not want people who don’t gamble responsibly to play at its gaming facilities or online gambling products, for that matter, at any gambling facility or online.


Caesars’ integrated approach to responsible gaming is built on clear objectives, measurable outcomes and scientific research and evidence. It is supported by professional staff training and state of the art, purpose-built information technology systems. Caesars has also been recognized as the industry leader in RG for over three decades and has an unparalleled track record in leading the industry through RG innovation.  In fact, Caesars pioneering RG initiatives set the industry standard.  In the 1980s, Caesars (then Harrah’s) established the first task force to study problem gambling issues and subsequently implemented the industry’s first RG initiatives. Caesars’ long-standing commitment to RG involves many “firsts” in the industry and Caesars continues to set the industry standard today. 


To learn more about Caesars’ Responsible Gaming initiatives, we encourage you to visit our online site at

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