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     The Cherokee Gaming Commission is the independent tribal gaming regulatory authority originally established in 1989 as a part of the Executive Committee of the Tribe. It transformed into an independent agency in 1994 under Cherokee Code Ordinance #238. The Cherokee Tribal Council in Ordinance #238 1994 set forth its policy on the importance of the Cherokee Gaming Commission and its vital mission. We are charged with the duty to ensure fairness and integrity of the gaming activities within our facilities and to protect the assets for the Tribe and the public health and safety of all who work and visit our facilities. 


Sec. 16-1.03. Public policy.

(a)   All gaming which is conducted within the Tribe's Indian lands and which is otherwise authorized by law shall be regulated and licensed pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.

(b)   The Tribal Council hereby finds and declares it to be the public policy of the Tribe that:

(1)   Regulation of licensed gaming is important in order that licensed gaming is conducted honestly and that gaming is     free from criminal and corruptive elements.

(2)   Public confidence and trust can only be maintained by strict regulation of all persons, locations, practices, associations and activities related to the operation of licensed gaming establishments and the manufacture or distribution of gaming devices.

(3)   All management entities or controlling shareholders, primary management officials, key employees, gaming establishments and suppliers of gaming goods and services must therefore be licensed and controlled to protect the public health, safety, morals, good order and general welfare of the Tribe. 


Our vast and intricate system of regulatory oversight is mandated under the Cherokee Code, the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, the National Indian Gaming Commission regulations and our Tribal-State Compact. We are also charged with the responsibility to assure compliance with other federal regulations such as those from the IRS, Department of Justice, EPA, State Fire and Health codes and various Tribal Codes and Laws.


The responsibility to ensure compliance with these laws and regulations falls on the Cherokee Gaming Commission. The Commission board is composed of three members that serve staggered five year terms and are appointed by the Principal Chief and confirmed by the Tribal Council. A Commission Chairman is elected annually from the members thereof. 


The Commissioners hire an Executive Director and are supported by a staff that is responsible for Compliance, Licensing, Background, Investigations, Audit, Administration and the day to day functions of the regulatory operations at the gaming facilities. The Commission currently employs a Staff that has well over 236 years of gaming experience and is a very diverse group in their training, education and experiences.


The Commission daily oversees three gaming facilities. The Cherokee Casino Resort has nearly 2700 employees, 4000 slot machines, 150 table games, a 1200 room hotel, a 16 lane bowling and arcade facility as well as several bars, restaurants and retail shops. We also oversee the Valley River Casino and Hotel in Murphy, NC that opened in 2015. The new facility added to our responsibilities another 900 casino jobs, 1,000 slot machines, 60 table games, and a 300 room hotel with a 16 lane bowling alley and arcade as well as several bars and Restaurants. The Tribal Gaming Commission also oversees the Cherokee Tribal Bingo Facility.  With the recent passed legislation in North Carolina dealing with Sports Betting we will be opening "The Book" at both Casino locations. The book is slotted to open in September at both Casinos. 


We are committed to protecting gaming for the benefit of the Tribe and its members and for the enjoyment of all the gaming public. Thank you and don't hesitate to contact us should you need to.   

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